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December 2022

Strategy Focus on quality for success in equities

Investors should not expect everything to go ‘back to normal’ in 2023, says Melda Mergen, Global Head of Equities, Columbia Threadneedle Investments. Higher inflation and a weaker economic environment will mean not all companies will (...)


Descending From Extremes Is a Rocky Process


Fitch Ratings : The good results of Pernod Ricard and Diageo allow an acceleration of share buybacks

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Equity - Alternative

Neuberger Berman launches long-short equity fund for portfolio manager Steve Eisman

Equity - ETF / Index

BlackRock launches iShares Electric Vehicle and Driving Technology UCITS ETF

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December 2020

Video Vafa Ahmadi: "In thematic management, our assets reach 12 billion euros"

The launch of the 1st fund in 2009, on the theme of the aging of the population, allowed CPR AM to position itself as a leading player in the field of thematic investment.


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Opinion European equities: Stock selection guided by razor-sharp research will be the holy grail

2021 was a year of booming markets which were in danger of overheating before the Omicron Covid-19 variant came along. A profit boom on both sides of the Atlantic has supported equity markets, with the US looking exceptionally strong in the fourth (...)


Innovation ETF Securities Releases Semiconductors ETF in Australia - Enabling Investors to Participate in this Indispensable Industry

While there is a shortage, demand for semiconductor technology increases in the light of a global 5G rollout, interconnectivity, and smarter consumer technology. Major Australian issuer ETF Securities now releases an ETF, the ETFS Semiconductor ETF. This fund is the first (...)


News Total Market Cap of China’s Stock Market Jumped by 33% YoY to $12.4T, the Highest Value in Country’s History

The year 2020 was a fantastic year for stock trading in China, with the total market cap of the country’s stock markets reaching an all-time.


Strategy Is 2021 going to be the year of a value rotation?

For some time now, we have been highlighting the wide valuation gap between the ‘value’ and ‘growth/quality’ ends of the market. Earlier in 2020, we suggested that the drivers of this extreme dispersion might be coming to an end and the 2020s could be the decade of the ‘cheap (...)


Opinion Don’t Mistake Growth for Quality

As investors adjust for a potential style rotation, we urge them not to abandon their portfolios’ “quality compounders” and “transition winners.” Following the shock of the coronavirus crisis, there is a lot of talk of “early-cycle” economic dynamics: higher GDP growth, inflation (...)


Opinion This week’s chaos in GameStop and related areas has blown some of the froth off equity markets and has certainly transformed the mood of some market participants

The parabolic rise of this stock, reportedly driven by retail speculation, short-covering and options hedging, has reverberated across a number of other stocks and sectors.


Opinion UK Equities: Resurrection of the deplorable asset class!

If the UK equity market was out of favour at the beginning of 2020, it’s even more so now. Until the arrival of three vaccines prompted a wave of market exuberance towards the end of the year, UK equities had fallen approximately 20%. The only two worse-performing equity (...)


Opinion Outlook 2021: Global and thematic equities

Global equities can continue to perform well in 2021, but tech may have to share the limelight with some unloved areas. Meanwhile, a number of mega-trends will continue to gather pace.


Opinion Tech innovation: reaching all sectors Companies across a range of industries are deploying innovative technologies to spark rapid growth, creating attractive investment opportunities

When China’s leading telecoms operators launched their 5G data plans on 1 November, they were two months ahead of schedule in going live with one of the world’s biggest next-generation networks, demonstrating the pace of digital evolution in Asia’s largest (...)


Strategy Are investors too confident?

With stock markets close to all-time highs at a time of very elevated economic uncertainty, the question arises if investors have become too confident. Today’s chart from The Yale School of Management Stock Market Confidence Indexes reveals how probable U.S. individual and (...)

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Regulation High Frequency Trading (HFT): Positive for forex market and negative for equities ?

While the AMF and European regulators plan to limit or prohibit HFT, the BSI considers it to be beneficial to the foreign exchange market in normal times and in times of stress...


Interview Alain Dib : « Investor demand for convertible bonds is strong »

According to Alain Dib, Global Head of Equity-Linked business at BNP Paribas, the appetite for convertible bonds is greater than the available supply, currently proposed by issuers


Strategy Africa: Kenya’s Mobile Frontier

When we first started out in the emerging markets space more than two decades ago, we were in “frontier” territory as we entered markets such as Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey and Brazil that were previously closed to foreign (...)


Pedagogy How to develop a quantitative model for stock picking ?

Cyrille Collet, Christian Lopez and Alexander Decoene from CPR AM show us how to make static combinations of factors to create a model for stock picking on a given universe ...


Opinion Why investors should be optimistic about Japan

There are several reasons to be optimistic about Japanese equities in 2020. First, consider valuations. Whether on price-to-book or price-to-earnings, Japanese stocks are among the cheapest in all developed equity markets. Take the price-to-book ratio of the MSCI (...)


News Euronext announces volumes for March 2016

In March 2016, the average daily transaction value on the Euronext cash order book stood at €7,633 million (-16.3% compared with March 2015). This is largely the result of lighter trading activity during the last two weeks of March due to the Easter holiday occurring one (...)


Strategy Investing during market turmoil

The idea that considers equity investing as long term has simply become absurd nowadays and has been so during the last 10 years. Let us be reassured. Opportunities will still be around. The only real question nowadays is how to allocate between real assets and financial (...)


Opinion Putting a number on the Dragon

According to statistics from the Quantitative Guru of JP Morgan AM, the year of the Dragon will tend to be a year of prosperity for US equities with an average performance of 8,3% for the 11 years of the Dragon during this period of 140 years with an annual volatility of (...)


Strategy Why we are taking our equity overweight to neutral for first time in five years

Mark Burgess, CIO EMEA and Global Head of equities at Columbia Threadneedle Investments, discusses the market reaction post Brexit, the impact of central bank actions and why Columbia has decided to reduce its equity exposure from overweight to neutral in asset allocation (...)


Strategy Record Buyback in US in 2017?

S&P 500 Buyback Index, which has hit the highest in late 2014/early 2015, had retreated outperformance during most of 2016. With Donald Trump’s victory in November, however, buyback indices and buyback related ETFs again hit the market (...)



Hydrogène, futur moteur de la révolution verte - Une source d’énergie qui ne rejetterait aucun gaz à effet de serre. Qui offrirait aux voitures une autonomie de plus de 700 km et qui pourrait faire voler des avions. Ce sont les promesses, difficiles à ignorer, de (...)

Les thèmes ESG au centre de toutes les attentions

Les thèmes ESG au centre de toutes les attentions - Nous sommes convaincus que, pour être durable, la croissance économique doit devenir faible en carbone, respectueuse de l’environnement et inclusive. Les acteurs de la gestion indicielle, sensibles aux enjeux de la transition (...)

L’hydrogène durable - le vecteur énergétique de demain

L’hydrogène « vert » - produit à partir de sources d’énergie renouvelables - est de plus en plus considéré comme le saint Graal de la transition vers une économie neutre en carbone. Le marché mondial de la production d’hydrogène devrait atteindre 201 milliards de dollars en 2025, (...)

L’investissement dans les obligations vertes, sociales et durables

Les obligations vertes, sociales et durables apportent un soutien financier aux projets et activités ayant un impact positif sur l’environnement et/ou la société. Les volumes d’émission croissants de ces obligations résultent de la prise de conscience que la finance a un rôle à (...)

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