TOBAM launches first Bitcoin mutual fund in Europe

TOBAM, the Smart Beta pioneer, announced today the launch of the TOBAM Bitcoin Fund, an unregulated Alternative Investment Fund, set up in France. The fund, the first of its kind in Europe, will allow qualified and institutional investors wanting to gain an exposure to the cryptocurrency to benefit from TOBAM’s top-of-the league research and IT systems to track the value of investing in the Bitcoin.

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Resulting from blockchain technology’s development, more and more cryptocurrencies have been created in recent years, with Bitcoin gaining the largest market capitalisation and the longest track record, while also being the most liquid. Despite growing interest for the digital currency, the current solutions available to access Bitcoin pose numerous difficulties for investors.

TOBAM’s fund allows for the first time qualified investors to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency in a more convenient and safer vehicle. Through a transparent and rigorous investment process, the TOBAM Bitcoin fund namely integrates the management of potential forks as well as the mitigation of the risk of loss and theft.

While Bitcoin is prone to significant risks, including a very high level of volatility, it also provides diversification benefits, a theme that is central to the foundation of TOBAM. The company, a quantitative and systematic investment pioneer, has developed cyber-security systems and cutting-edge technological capabilities over the past 12 years, both of which will back up the structure and functioning of the fund. TOBAM will leverage research capabilities as well as its in-house computer power to implement fully integrated risk control and straight-through-processing investment systems.

TOBAM in-house crypto-currency research and development team, includes computer specialists, engineers, researchers and risk management experts.

Parallel to the rise of technology in the global economy and the increasing disruptions in financial markets’ traditional equilibriums, the need for new standards has emerged. TOBAM believes that the bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general have the potential to become durable standards in financial and saving markets.

Yves Choueifaty, President of TOBAM, declared: “Research is the founding pillar of TOBAM, and we have conducted research from a technical, financial, economic, and regulatory point of view on Bitcoin for a year prior to launching this fund. This first move in the world of cryptocurrencies showcases our dedication to remaining ahead of the curve and to provide our clients with innovative products in the context of efficient (i.e. unpredictable) markets.

Bitcoin being a highly diversifying asset, this launch is also an expression of our commitment to diversification in all its forms. Once again TOBAM is ahead of the curve and, in order to remain so, we will continue to reinvest a significant part of our growth into research and innovation for the best interest of our clients” .

Christophe Roehri, Head of Business Development, added: “Direct investment in Bitcoin can be operationally challenging, from dealing with the choice of the platform, to maintaining the proper security measures in terms of custody and to managing the changes made to the protocol – hard forks. Our goal is to take control of these operational challenges in order to facilitate access for qualified investors willing to gain exposure to Bitcoin. All of that under the format of a fund” .

The fund is available to eligible investors worldwide on a private placement basis.

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Article also available in : English EN | français FR




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