Sofiene Haj Taieb to leave SocGen

After 16 years with Societe Generale CIB, Sofiene Haj Taieb, Global Head of Cross Asset Solutions has decided to leave the bank ...

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«This has not been an easy decision » said Haj Taieb. This rising star of SocGen CIB, much appreciated by his colleagues both for his technical skills as for his human qualities did not give more details on his future.

From the creation of the engineering business to the Lyxor adventure, the emergence of Sol and the creation of MARK (merger of Fixed Income and Equity activities), Sofiene Haj Taieb has led with success several projects at SG CIB for 16 years. He can leave with the feeling of accomplishment.

His departure probably marks the end of an era for the bank, which was known for his ability to keep its best talents, especially in financial engineering fields and in structured and derivatives products’ advisory for its customers.

The numerous departures occurred in recent months, and the new direction taken by the bank, including the CIB’s redundancy plan, have certainly driven the choice of this "son of the bank"

Next Finance January 2012

Article also available in : English EN | français FR

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