Nomura and University of Tsukuba to Launch Joint Blockchain R&D Project

Nomura Holdings, Inc. (Nomura) and the University of Tsukuba announced that they have agreed to launch a joint project that leverages blockchain technology from April 2019.

The project will be headed by Kazumasa Omote, Associate Professor at the University of Tsukuba, in collaboration with Nomura Asset Management Co., Ltd. (NAM) and N-Village Co., Ltd., wholly owned subsidiaries of Nomura.

Blockchain technology offers a number of advantages including the prevention of data tampering and enhanced transparency. NAM and N-Village will partner with the University of Tsukuba to build a platform (testbed) for blockchain experiments at the university, and conduct research and development of highly secure blockchain technologies.

As part of the project, the partners plan to incorporate blockchain themes into "enPiT"1, a joint educational initiative between industry and universities in Japan aimed at developing exceptional IT talent. The partners will also look to construct a secure system to provide various business services on the blockchain, and test blockchain business models. In addition, they will do joint research and verification tests to examine how the technology can be used in the asset management industry.

NAM will use the results of the project to help advance its efforts to digitalize the asset management industry, as well as further tailor investment products to the needs of its clients.

N-Village will promote the development and application of new services that will become part of the financial and social infrastructure needed for value exchanges between economic entities.

As a leader of business systems design for enPiT, the University of Tsukuba will work to cultivate human resources capable of using information technology to solve specific social problems. As well as engaging in research and development regarding blockchain security, the university aims to nurture blockchain engineers through the enPiT program.

By working closely with NAM, the university will also examine the digitalization of the investment trust business, taking into account actual business operations such as investment management and new investment product design.

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